by Voidspawn

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A. - Vocals
M. - Strings


released July 30, 2016



all rights reserved



A cold manifestation of darkness.

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Track Name: Sisyphean Ideation
spread to the vast reaches,
unwavering and infallible,
dogmatic husks.

incorrigible in their conviction.

in the manner of sheep,
they flock.
crawling forth, ever
onward towards absolution.
ignorance birthed from
systemic corruption.

negligent permanence
enveloping the void,
a darkness all-encompassing.

Track Name: Pyrrhic
lost in solitude,
deranged by the omitting scent of dew
mountains, vast,
shining cries of light.
gazed upon by
dead eyes,
swallowed by the bitterness of self.
hubris, an affront
to the absolute

and indiscriminate
oppression of life.

icons that lead
to the shallow depths
of cognition.
in the gaping abyss,
perseverance highlights
the absence in time.

fleeting slihouettes,
guiding us to those that destroy.
altars that dismantle humanity,
in pieces we are broken.
Track Name: Fervent Vitriol Towards The Public Moralist
strict conformity enforced
by he who hides behind the veil
of a moral compass,
dictated by a society in
the throes of abandon.

He, the moralist,
of which discordance
fuels indignation.
obedience, both
religious and profane,
doubtlessly adhered to.
social mores in deference
to corruption,
unseen by the masses.

an unfurrowed colossus,
disgusting in its efficacy,
dependent solely on
the absurdity of the
human condition.

trembling and halting,
he, who seeks his own

acting as the rope
of a hangman's noose,
virtuous in its finality,
complacency begets death.